Inspiring Tales from a Small Town!

I have been travelling far from the urban jungle of Bangalore to a small town in Uttar Pradesh known more for its beauteous resident Umrao Jaan and its proximity to Ayodha the home of the Gods. On work. When I was first requested to visit this tiny place to create […]

Learning Cocktail

Bartenders today are a popular lot. Most people throng to bars, which offer innovative drinks with interesting twists and names like Singapore Sling or Sex on the Beach – names, which make people sit up! On a similar plane learning too is like a perfect cocktail, a mix of the […]

The Role of the Learning Disability Professional

When the child’s school fails to support him the situation has reversed. While the school has failed the child, it is the school that has failed in its endeavour to provide a sound education of the child. As learning disability teachers, we provide much needed support to the child in […]

Summer Woes

While summer sets us into a spontaneous and tranquil frame of mind in terms of our routines which become flexible, it also causes a lot of heat in our minds during this period.! Along with the sizzling temperatures, we also are party to a lot of decisions regarding many of […]

The Summer Learning

Summer holidays are a fun way to learn. For a change, everyone puts away their routines and just learn without tension and strict structure! Our annual Learning Skills Camp happened in the garden under a tent with lots of fans whirring happily to keep the 15 strong team going! The […]