summer-camp-2015Summer holidays are a fun way to learn. For a change, everyone puts away their routines and just learn without tension and strict structure!
Our annual Learning Skills Camp happened in the garden under a tent with lots of fans whirring happily to keep the 15 strong team going!
The children learned the ins and outs of phonics, reading, sequencing, mind-mapping and other learning skills in between chasing butterflies and enjoying the natural beauty of the garden. We all let our hair down too! No lesson plans and no strict rules. We also saw a lot of children closely- some the butterfly catchers were dreamy and pleasantly focussed. We will know how to make them read better with reading material about flora and fauna. We discovered how some children required more social skills training than others, how some required constant reinforcement and some who were born to rule the world. It was a beautiful congregation of free spirits out of the school room. As teachers, we learnt a lot too. Without looking at assessment reports, we saw the kids as they are! Most of us learned a lot about the kids’ temperaments and learning styles. The 2 weeks just flew in a flash.
We hope to continue these camps every summer as lemonade, cookies and learning go well together!