While summer sets us into a spontaneous and tranquil frame of mind in terms of our routines which become flexible, it also causes a lot of heat in our minds during this period.! Along with the sizzling temperatures, we also are party to a lot of decisions regarding many of our students who are confronted with low scores and as a consequence, get marching orders and dire warnings of conditional promotions. That is not enjoyable at all!
While most students are travelling and enjoying their vacations, these students and their parents are busy catching up with finding new schools, doing catch up.
While it is the right of every child to be promoted during the primary years, it is also sensible to chart their progress and help them along as at least 10% of the students have a specific learning difficulty of some kind. But many schools seem impervious to these matters and do not provide solutions to the students. after all, if these kids cannot stay in their school then where are they going?
Nurturing every student should be the aim of the school but it is not so. Every year scores of students drop out of these schools and flounder for a school that would accept them with their difficulties and failures.
So the school plays the role of a mother that casts aside its own child who is weak and unable to stand on its own feet. It is left to a very limited number of small schools and NIOS academies to absorb these students who are bereft of their friends and all the wonderful facilities of mainstream schools. They are suddenly painfully aware of the reality of their situation.
What role do we play as special educators? We are there for them through this ordeal, holding hands, counselling, mentoring and teaching and pepping the child up.
Is that enough? (more to follow)