"My son has been going to Sima's resource classes for almost 2 yrs now. His language skills have improved a lot. He is able to spell far better, comprehend better and can actually write one long essay. Owing to improvement in these areas his confidence has grown many fold. These classes are the BEST that could happen to my son."

- Varsha.

"My 15 year old daughter, who is dyslexic and has learning disabilities, has been taking remedial classes in English & Maths at Ms Sima Bhushan's center "The Learning Arc". We have found the teachers to be knowledgeable and experienced to help such children and my daughter has shown progress since joining. We are extremely satisfied with having got our daughter to take help from this institution."

- Manoj.

My daughter was diagnosed with Learning Difficulties a few months after she turned 6. Thankfully, the school she was going to at that time recognized it but they suggested a diagnostic center that hardly gave us a clear picture of the problems she was facing. The school's remediation was not up to the mark either.

In April 2017, I approached Ms. Sima Bhushan, Founder of The Learning Arc. Every special educator and school I approached recommended her center highly. Sima then did an assessment of my daughter. The report was one of the best I have ever seen. The previous report was vague and gave us no direction. Sima's report was detailed, thorough and outlined every problem and corresponding solution. Sima and her team also draw very specific goals and make sure that they work towards these goals. They are brilliant, organized and meticulous. At last, my anxious mind was put at ease.

My daughter joined the Learning Arc in May 2017. She could not read anything beyond the 'cat' or 'bat' words. In May 2018, she is reading Ladybird level 4 books and we are slowly transitioning her into chapter books.

If I can describe the Learning Arc in a line, it would be this: Brilliant and wonderful teachers. Everyone from Ms. Sima to Ms. Deepa, Ms. Aparna and Ms. Veena have have contributed so much towards my daughter's immense progress. I also love how the Learning Arc has resources and talent to help any kind of learner, right from the little ones to the teenagers.

I have referred the Learning Arc to every parent who tells me that their child is facing academic difficulties. I also like that Ms. Sima works on the child in an integrated manner, also working on his or her social and emotional skills while making the lesson engaging and effective.

The Learning Arc has become a second home for me and my daughter. On the days when I have to pick my daughter up from the Learning Arc but I am delayed for some reason, the teachers engage my daughter in conversation or a game. They treat her as their own child and have built strong relationships with her that she loves to go there!

I highly recommend the Learning Arc and I am indebted to its teachers for changing my daughter's life and setting her on a wonderful learning curve.

- Shweta Sharan, Mum to a wonderful 8-year-old daughter.